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Chocolography Live

Chocolate Promises is the ultimate addition to any party or event! Our unique technology allows us to capture precious moments and images and reproduces them on chocolate right in front of your eyes. Our experienced Chocolate Promises team will add fun and excitement to your event, and entertain your guest with a truly memorable experience.

Chocolate Promises Live is perfect for parties of all kinds (i.e. corporate, birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, weddings). Chocolate Promises live also makes an amazing addition to any tradeshow or corporate event (holiday & other parties, promotions, grand openings)!

Here's how simple it is:

1. Invite your guests to stop by our Chocolate Promises station.

2. We take their pictures with a digital camera.

3. In minutes, completely edible images are magically reproduced on the delicious chocolate product of your choice.

The Chocolate Promises System offers exciting entertainment and is ideal for any party or social event. Use the menu at the left to go to "Our Events" page.

Our package includes:

Chocolate Promises System and staff

The tabletop system is portable and compact, works anywhere, and takes up no more space than a computer and printer. All we need is a table and a standard power outlet! Our professional and courteous team works non-stop to provide all guests with personalized delicious treats.

Personalized Chocolate Favors

Your guests receive delicious souvenirs personalized with their own edible pictures! Customized chocolate giveaways can even be prepared in advance, with a corporate logo or specific message.

Setup and Tear-down included

It only takes a few minutes, and we take care of everything.

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